Randy at MontavillaFor two years, it was a thrill to have my high school buddy and bassist Randy Gibson join me at my solo gigs and be a part of my “Silky & Friends” band.

Randy had a great sense of humour and love for music. He learned songs so quickly, never had a diva attitude, and kept things smooth at every show. 

Sadly, this past July, we said goodbye to Randy, who had been quietly battling Stage 4 lung cancer for the past two years. 


In 2014, Randy was given maybe seven months to live. Yet here he was, two years later, still going strong, still playing that smooth bass…fueled by the dream to play music. In fact, we had an awesome gig just two days before he left us for that band in the sky. 

music and candleI’d like to thank all the musicians who made Randy feel welcome on their stage at the jams…and thank you, Randy, for gracing my life with your friendship.